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I love to work out with Ashley as her knowledge of the body's musculature is phenomenal. Her ability to work with and around your 'trouble spots' enable you to progress without hurting yourself.

~Joann D.

After two arthroscopic hip surgeries for "femoral acetabular impingement syndrome", physical therapy, massage therapy and medication to keep the pain to a minimum I was told a total hip replacement was my only option.  

During that time, I began pilates hoping to relieve some of the pain and keep mobility in my hip and put off the surgery for as long as possible. However, I continued to irritate the problem by over doing my work out or doing the motions incorrectly.

Fortunately for me, my journey with Ashley began and because of her dedication and working with me on a personal basis she has given me my quality of life back. I am pain free, medication free and surgery free! I am able to do all the activities I enjoy biking, walking, downhill skiing, roller blading and of course, my favorite, pilates for the last 7 years.   

There are not enough words to describe how my life has been changed by Ashley and her knowledge, dedication and love over the years. She has truly been a blessing to me...

~Becky E.

I give Ashley and her Pilates instruction credit for giving me additional years of productive business success. I am now in better physical condition than I was seven years ago when I first began working with Ashley. Her training method includes one’s mind in the conditioning and control of muscles and that involves every muscle in the body. Ashley gains results in overall better physical functioning and that carries over to strong mental health.

I’ve seen Ashley work with a range of individuals, from my age on down. She works with men and women and is attuned to the needs of each. I love her ability to find the verbal cue or movement that will work for a person to help them isolate an unused muscle in an exercise.

Her studio, her clients, her positive and friendly attitude make sessions with Ashley enjoyable events. She works us hard but she continually varies the routines to keep them challenging and her experience with Yoga and dance add their influence.

~Jim A.

In January of 2011 I was told by a doctor that I needed a double knee replacement. For the five years previous I could feel a slow decline in my ability to move. I had been very active as a skier, sailor, skydiver, offshore tournament fishing, scuba diver and always owned a large motorcycle. I am sure the worst was the ski crashes. Now at 58 years old, the damage of years of activity had reared its ugly head.

After the doctors diagnosis I knew surgery was not an option. I decided to look for another plan. I had tried rest, chiropractics and working out on my own. Nothing had helped. After the doctors diagnosis I thought I was doomed to live in pain as I was limited to how much anti-inflammatory drugs I could take. After being so active all my life I thought I would never be able to do just the “normal” day-to-day chores again, at least not without a lot of pain.

Then one day I ran into a friend who was in excellent shape and asked her about her workout. She had been and still is a regular at Ashley’s Holistic Movements classes.

I called Ashley and together we formulated a plan of starting with 3 times a week in private sessions. I had been walking incorrectly due to the pain I was in. Not knowing walking incorrectly exasperated the problem. Ashley immediately got to work on my body alignment.

We stretched my legs and hips where they needed to be stretched and strengthened the muscles in my body that were weak. It took five weeks but suddenly I crossed a threshold. 

One day I realized I had just gotten up out of a chair without pulling or pushing myself up. I could sit in my office chair and work without getting stiff and unable to straighten my legs. I could walk the dog all the way around the block. I was once again able to go grocery shopping and walk around the store (even Sam’s Club!), mow the lawn, ride my motorcycle, and go fishing all without pain! Soon I will be going on a scuba diving vacation! Before I met Ashley I believed I would never be able to do these things again.

Ashley and I continue to work on the more subtle issues I have, loose rotor cuff, ankle alignment etc, we call it peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the inner layers.

I feel I now deal with the minor aches and pains of what is normal for my age after a weekend of activity. I guess there’s no getting around the aging process. But I still see Ashley as often as I can and SHE KEEPS ME MOVING! She has given me the tools to return to a graceful life.

Thank you Ashley, you have always been so kind and you are obviously extremely knowledgeable in you field. You changed my LIFE!

~ Gail N.

I have severe scoliosis and have had a lot of pain and discomfort in the past due to this condition. While doing Pilates has ALWAYS helped my condition, it wasn't until I met Ashley that I found the most relief and difference in my body and posture, she works with me on an individual basis and taliors my workout program specifically to me and is always patient with me while I try to work around my condition, I've really enjoyed working with Ashley because she is always willing to keep an open mind and learn something new to help her clients with their specific needs to benefit them in the best way possible.

~Heather Y.

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