Holistic Movements Pilates & Barre

Holistic Movements Pilates and Barre Studio

Sharing the Art of Mind-Body Exercise

Enjoy Our Beautiful Sunlit Studio

Located on the second floor of the prestigious Clark Building, the Holistic Movements Pilates & Barre studio is filled with natural sunlight and nestled amongst the old Florida oak trees, creating the perfect environment to relax the mind and move the body.

Mind-Body Based Personal Training

Whether you are dealing with injuries, recently released from physical therapy or simply looking to take your practice to the next level, Holistic Movements' MInd-Body approach to Personal Training creates a truly unique experience for you and your body's needs every session. Call 386.882.3811 for more information.

Group Classes in Pilates, Yogalates  & Barre

Holistic Movements offers a range of group classes including Pilates Matwork, Yogalates and Barre Blend, as well as their signature Reformer on the Mat class, which replicates classic exercises normally done on the Pilates machines down on the mat, making Reformer work accessible and afforadable for all!